Alexandra Lorking-Tanner - who works under the moniker ‘Lord Newry’ - has long been a source of inspiration for Elissa McGowan. Both an artist and plant specialist, her vision is at once a brazen display of femininity as much as it is an ode to nature. Capturing the synergy between the female form and inflorescence through self-portraiture; as well as her images of her lover, close friends & models, here we take a look at some recent work of hers.


Coming soon: LORD NEWRY PT II, the interview.



Introducing EM WOMAN: Bella Thomas

Bella Thomas is a model, photographer & creative, who recently captured her favourite pieces from the 'ARRIVAL' A/W'18 collection against the backdrop of the frenetic streets of NYC, with photographer Vicki Liang. With an instagram full of raw, cool & dreamy images created with a uniquely female gaze, it's obvious Bella has an innate ability to capture her perspective. Just as brilliant behind the camera as she is in front of it, we wanted to learn more about the woman herself, the vision that drives her, and exactly where she sees herself heading next.

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Can you please describe yourself, what you do, and what you want to do next?
“I would describe myself as some kind of artist. I haven’t quite worked myself out yet - I’m not sure I ever will. Though right now I love working with people and creating alongside them. I guess I’m heading in the direction to be some sort of creative director.”

You recently travelled to New York and shot with your friend, PHOTOGRAPHER VICKI LIANG. How did you find the energy? What was your favourite part?
“I absolutely love New York... and not solely just the hype and energy it has so evidently, but I love the people and how they greet you with arms wide open. My favourite part was finally meeting all these people I had befriended via social media over the years. It was such a refreshing time for me.”

What pieces of art, literature or philosophy resonate deeply with you? Why?
Currently I love, love Georgia O’Keeffe’s watercolour works. My friends bought me her Watercolour book for my birthday. Since then, I find myself lost in her work.

What role does social media play in your life? How do you find it helps you articulate yourself? Do you feel it gives you a space to convey yourself?
“Social Media does play a larger role in my life than I ever thought it would - simply because it is really the gateway to opportunity for me (and many) at the moment. On a daily basis I do have to allow myself to not be consumed by it. It can easily become a place where you ask yourself, “Am I enough?”. This just puts you in a hole of self-doubt and insecurity. Not a fun place to be at all.”

What was your most recent investment? Why were you driven to purchase?
“….I bought a pair of Celine sandals while in Hong Kong. They don’t add tax onto goods there, so that somewhat drove me haha! Also, I have a major crush on Phoebe Philo, the sandals are from one of her final collections. (((Sad face)))).”

Art is really important to me and I am constantly researching artists and art movements to inform my work. Who are your favourite artists? Can you tell me about their work through your eyes?
“Well as I stated above, I love Georgia. I am also entirely in love with Melbourne based artist Kiri-Una Brito Meumann’s installation work. I just find her work so conceptual, yet always remaining quite simple. I found her #GoldenDerriere work brilliant, it comments on beauty ideals while also being quite humorous and playful. As she states, “It reminds us of the absurdity that surrounds these beauty ideals”.”

AND LASTLY, I’m fascinated in the correlation between creatives and their zodiac sign. What star sign are you?
“I’m Aquarius - though my birthday falls between two.”