Elissa McGowan is a luxury ready-to-wear brand, based in Australia. The label articulates a raw, modern vision of a woman. Elissa McGowan’s direction is brave and distinct, exploring emotion and sensuality with a newfound confidence.

Elissa McGowan offers a new perspective, with an approach to luxury that is braced by creating products that are built to last. Elissa McGowan has developed a distinct aesthetic, through its use of sophisticated materials, signature detailing, and sculpted silhouettes that are punctuated by gold accents. The label consistently looks to abstract and energetic artists and sculptors to inform its creative decisions.


Guided by instinct, Elissa McGowan speaks to the modern woman who is at once both progressive and discerning. The way a woman feels is paramount to the development of each Elissa McGowan piece, and beautiful yet practical fabrications choices allow her to move through her day with ease and confidence. Fluid in its ideas, yet anchored in identity, the label will always remain elegant, directional and intelligent.